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Getting on with business

about 1 year ago

A priority for Council over the past 12 months has been to improve our efficiency, accountability and transparency while delivering better services to residents.  We have done that through the introduction of a new online system to book council facilities, by making online payments more accessible and easier, through simplified submission processes, making all development applications track able and by boosting our online community engagement through and a host of other measures.
That focus on efficiency, accountability and transparency will continue over the 2019/20 financial year. 
In our debt recovery/accounts payable section we have plans to improve our processing efficiency, automate and streamline current processes and accelerate invoice processing. 
We are reviewing our development application process to improve and speed up processing times while making the process more transparent, accountable and outcomes-focused.
We’ve reviewed our procurement process and are implementing a new procurement model that will save money and improve performance.
And, of course, our commitment to providing quality services and facilities will continue unabated. In the 2018/19 financial year Council provided:
•1,141,110 square metres of road sealing
•58,283 square metres of heavy patching
•graded 4,209 square metres of unsealed roads
•sold 25,924 head of cattle through the saleyards
•recycled 624.763 megalitres of water
•took 65,728 phone inquiries and received 31,597 emails (with 85% of customers saying they received ‘excellent’ service at our customer service centres)
•completed 6,912 hectares of mowing
•received 23,640 visitors and engaged 515 local artists (including school exhibitions) through the Grafton Regional Gallery
•helped 202,167 in-person visits through our libraries, and a further 145,000 visits online 
•attended 112 dog attacks and seized 501 dogs and 294 cats 
•rehomed 81 dogs and 97 cats.
This level of activity will continue in 2019/20.

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