15 September 2018

Alex Bell playground community engagement open day

Weave heard a tale o' a buried booty chest, so wear yer patch 'n yer pirate vest. We 'ave a map t' guide th' way, so come ready t' hunt on council’s community consultation open day. So come Walk the gangplank! On the community consultation day, onsite at the playground, Saturday 15 September 2018 from 10am till 2pm or Ill skewer yer gizzard, ye salty sea bass... Avast!
19 September 2018

Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is on 19 September 2018, which is nationally recognised as the major fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Support, we will be collecting donations at our community consultation day. If you would like to contribute, please head over to http://www.talklikeapirateday.com.au/ to help out in any way you can.