Concept Plan for Redevelopment of Jacaranda Park

almost 3 years ago

Clarence Valley Council engaged Vee Design to assist in the delivery of the concept plan. Regional playgrounds are generally ‘iconic’ and the theme for the concept design was the Clarence Valley. The playground is spread over 3 separate playground zones which represent 3 distinct zones of the Valley, being Zone 1: Sandstone Country; Zone 2: Floodplain; Zone 3: Coastal Beaches, while the accessways represents the Clarence River. The detailed design in the park was informed through the outcomes of community engagement and overseen by the Working Group and Council officers. Draft 50% and 90% Detailed Design submissions from Vee Design were reviewed by the Working Group prior to acceptance of the presented 100% Detail Design submission. The primary play equipment in these zones represents different levels of age and ability.

Zone 1: Sandstone Country aims to represent the escarpments, forests and waterfalls that surround the Valley. This zone is targeted at older children and features a custom rainforest tower reaching 9.19m in height and would be the first of its type installed in the southern hemisphere. This item is supported by a 3 Bay Swing Set (Basket Swing, Standard Swing, Back Support Swing), an aero skate structure and an inclusive Wheel Spin creating a diverse range of play activities. The primary softfall is certified playground mulch with nodes of rubber softfall providing access to inclusive play elements.

Zone 2: Floodplain aims to represent the floodplain located adjacent to the Clarence River and its tributaries. This zone is targeted at all children and features a nature play area including bridges, water pump, dry creek bed, stepping stones, balancing features and sensory items creating a diverse range of play activities. The primary softfall is certified playground mulch with access to inclusive play elements being provided by concrete pavement.

Zone 3: Coastal Beaches aims to represent the coastal zone located on the eastern side of the Valley. This zone is targeted at younger children and features a 22 metre long fully accessible ship. This item is supported by many inclusive play elements including a sand play station, sand box, diggers, a see saw, spinners, musical and sensory instruments. The primary softfall is certified playground sand with nodes of rubber softfall providing access to all inclusive play elements.

Supporting facilities detailed in the concept plan meet the Service Level Objectives for a Regional Playground adopted through the Playground Policy. The playground zones and supporting facilities are connected by a pathway and playground edging which also supports a riding track. Other supporting facilities include a public toilet, picnic facilities, BBQs, shade structures, park furniture, bins and a drinking water station. The playground is design to incorporate rules sign, communication boards, interpretive sign and a sponsorship sign, which may feature elements of community design and artwork. Other key features include park lighting, playground fencing, an amphitheatre/seating wall, a picture frame feature and a buddy bench. Based on community engagement, the indigenous community will contribute to the park redevelopment through a Yarning Circle at the park entry, interpretive signage, artwork, sensory / bush tucker garden and the use of language.

Electronic copies of the Concept Plan, 100% Detail Design Report and Opinion of Probable Costs are available from the Document Library. Alternatively, hard copies of the documents are available for viewing at Council’s customer service centres.

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