How do I make comment on the Concept Plan?

    Council’s concept plan for redevelopment of Jacaranda Park is on public exhibition for 30 days until 4pm, October 23, 2017

    Written submissions are invited and are to be addressed to the General Manager Clarence Valley Council, Locked Bag 23 Grafton NSW 2460 or by email to All submissions must be clearly marked ‘Concept Plan for Redevelopment of Jacaranda Park’.

    For further information, contact Gavin Beveridge on 6640 3500 or email

    We also encourage community groups to have their say, so if you're a member of a community organisation, pass the word around and get people to share their comments.

    Will all public suggestions be incorporated into the Concept Plan?

    The simplest answer is - it depends... on available funding, resources and how many other people in the community agree with the suggestion. 

    It's fair to say that all suggestions will be considered and those with merit implemented - but some suggestions are likely to be beyond the capabilities of Council, other levels of government, or the community to deliver. However, that should not stop people making suggestions. 

    How can I get feedback?

    People can keep informed by clicking on "subscribe" from the front of this page. 

    What is meant by a regional playground?

    “Regional  Playground”  means  a  playground  that  services  a  region  or  portion  of  local  government planning area, most users would drive more than 30 minutes to get there and are  usually  located  within  regional  parks  which  have  a  high  carrying  capacity. These  large  sized playgrounds offer  a  range  of  activities  for  all  ages  and  maximum  infrastructure  and  are designed as a one off park and play environment with a high level of landscaping, public art  and  supporting  facilities(shade,  seats,  picnic  tables,  bins,  public  toilets, drinking  fountains,  BBQ’s,  lighting). Most  facilities  within  the  park  will  be  fully  accessible,  with  hold times  of greater than 60 minutes.

    Who will benefit from the project?

    As a regional facility, the redevelopment of the park and playground is expected to benefit all members of the Clarence Valley community. In particular it will benefit families, children and young people. The concept plan focused on designing an inclusive facility that provides opportunities for people with a disability not currently serviced. Regional facilities have the potential to attract visitors and provide economic benefits.

    Can I ask Council for assistance, services or request repairs from this community engagement site?

    No. If you have a request for a service or repairs from Council, you should email here.