Can I bring my dog camping during my Christmas holidays?

    No. Under the current policy, dogs are only permitted in the holiday parks during off-peak periods eg not during school holidays or long weekends

    Does my dog have to be on a lead if it is well behaved?

    Yes. Under the current policy, all dogs must be on a lead at all times and confined within the owner's accommodation at night. Maximum length for leads used within the park is 2 metres, with no runs or retractable leads.Campers may be directed to leave if they do not comply with the policy.

    Is it OK to leave my dog in the caravan while we go out for dinner?

    No. Under the current policy, dogs are to be under the control of their owner/s at all times so therefore cannot be left alone at the campsite.

    Can I wash my dog in the laundry sink?

    No. Under the current policy, dogs are not allowed in amenities, laundry, playground, camp kitchen or pool areas.  This is also in compliance with the Companion Animals Act 1998 which states that dogs are prohibited:  

    •within 10 metres of any public playing apparatus areas,
    •within 10 metres of cooking or eating facilities, or
    •within 10 metres of any area set-aside for the playing of organised games.

    What happens if the dog at the next camp keeps barking?

    Dog owners are to respect the right to quiet enjoyment by other park guests and members of the public.  Owners that permit their pets to bark unreasonably or excessively may be directed by the park manager to leave the park immediately. Campers and members of the public are requested to report excessive barking to the park manager so it can be dealt with promptly and appropriately.

    Am I allowed to walk my dog through the holiday park and reserve if I am not camping in the park?

    No. Under the current policy, only bona fide travelling tourists are allowed to bring a dog into the holiday park. Dogs are also currently restricted to specific areas of the park and are not permitted to be walked throughout other areas of the holiday park.