What is Valley Vision 2024?

    In September 2008 Council adopted its initial Community Strategic Plan, known as Valley Vision 2020. With the subsequent adoption by the state government of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework we are now required to review and update the Plan.

    The Interim Valley Vision 2024 is essentially a review of Valley Vision 2020 with an extended timeframe. This review is being undertaken in accordance with the state government's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Council's Community Engagement Policy.

    Council has many significant strategic processes currently in progress and will be fully engaging the community to prepare a more detailed plan for adoption by June 2014.

    What is a community strategic plan?

    The Community Strategic Plan identifies the main prioritites and aspirations of our community and is developed to cover a minimum time frame of ten years.

    The Community Strategic Plan is not a Council owned document.....it is owned by the community!

    You, your friends, colleagues, neighbours and family help determine the Community Strategic Plan by outlining your ideas and expressing your key priorities across areas such as infrastructure and transport, community and social cohesion, the natural and built environment, economic development, and community governance and leadership.