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SRV-funded Works for 2020

10 months ago

Here's a look at the SRV-funded works we're planning for 2020:

Resurfacing Pound Street 

We're getting Pound Street ready for the anticipated increase in traffic flow it will see when the new Grafton Bridge opens in 2020. The asphaltic concrete (AC) surface requires renewal between Villiers Street and Prince Street.

The work totalling $544,000 will involve milling off the existing AC surface and replacing it with the new surface.

Preparing for road resealing

Resealing a road is a two step process, with preparation work commencing the year preceding the reseal. 

Over the next 12 months you’ll see reseal preparation work totalling $486,800 in Rsl Lane in Yamba, Through and Tyson Streets in South Grafton, and Plain Station Road in Mookima Wybra. 


By 2020 we're planning to seal over 2km of Swallow Road and also 6km of Kangaroo Creek Rd from Armidale Road. This work will be completed in October – December 2019 and totals $371,000.

Capital Program

We're planning to reconstruct and widen a 2.2km section of Old Glen Innes Road, located generally between Oneils Road and Chillumbarringa Road. This is a continuation of other widening works undertaken on Old Glen Innes Road over previous years.

Yamba Road, Oyster Creek Channel

There has been some erosion on Yamba Road at Shallow Channel that requires rock armouring to stabilise the road embankment.

The guardrail near Oyster Channel Bridge requires some repair and upgrade to bring it up to current standards.

There is also some deterioration of the road pavement approaching Oyster Channel.  We’ll be undertaking this work in 2020 and have allocated $155,000 in SRV funds. 

Burnt Hut Creek Bridge 

The timber superstructure on Burnt Hut Creek Bridge on Bald Hills Road has deteriorated to the point that it needs replacing.  We plan to replace the timber deck and girders with a concrete deck.  The existing concrete abutments are in good condition and will be retained. The budget for this work is $232,000. 

Walkway for Pacific Parade, Yamba

There has been concern expressed over a number of years about the lack of pedestrian access along Pacific Parade in Yamba. We’ve allocated $50,000 to design a shared walkway through Agar Park and connecting to the lower part of Pacific Parade. 

The available road reserve area does not allow for a pathway to be constructed beside the road. 

To keep up to date on our SRV-funded works visit our website HERE

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  • tj 9 months ago
    Is this the conversation site where there isn't a conversation. Despite my previous two entries at this site nobody has bothered to reply.
  • tj 10 months ago
    I believe the guttering repairs on the western side of Wharf street between Ryan and Spring street was to be included in the SRV funded works. This work has been overlooked for many years. Why hasn't it been included?
    • Admin Commented Communications 9 months ago
      Hi tjKerb and gutter repairs were undertaken in Wharf Street and were funded by the one-off 2016/2017 Special Rates Variation.The works undertaken were tagged as high priority. Any further works have been prioritised and will be funded by the maintenance budget as funding becomes available.Regards
      • tj 9 months ago
        The kerb and gutter repairs have not been carried out. Many months ago council wrote numbers and letters on the kerb and on the grass where the kerb was missing. These numbers and letters have in most cases, disappeared, especially where the kerb was missing. The numbers 322 then letters then 232 are still showing on the bitumen part of the council's temporary repair job just down from Lawrence lane. Please have someone carry out an inspection of kerb and gutter repair required on the western side of Wharf street between Ryan and Spring streets.
  • tj 9 months ago
    Regarding my request for guttering repairs on the western side of Wharf street between Spring And Ryan streets. Why would I be asking why this work wasn't included in the SRV if it had already been done. I agree the work was to be funded by the 2016/2017 SRV but it was never done. If you could leave your office , drive over to Wharf street and get out of your car you will find that nothing has been done. Perhaps Steve Hartshorne will also clarify that this work is still waiting to be done.