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Results from Unsealed Road Trials

7 months ago

After 12 months of trials on the Lawrence – Tullymorgan Road, we're starting to see results from our unsealed road maintenance trials.

Over the next year we're planning to extend the trials to other sections of unsealed roads in other parts of the Clarence Valley to see how the various types of gravel material and gravel treatments perform over time, and in different conditions.

The trials will run for two years and the results will be used to determine how we manage and maintain our network of unsealed roads into the future.


Two sections of the Lawrence – Tullymorgan Road have been used to trial a range of surface treatments over a two year period from 2018-2020. Each road segment was brought up to an initial standard with 6% cross-fall on the road and 100 mm of local gravel. Various treatments were then applied to the gravelled sections, and monitored monthly.

This video shows the trials in more detail:

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  • Voice 6 months ago
    Residents’ homes on unsealed roads are still getting neglected! Cars are affected by a rough road maybe twice a day on these roads, the residents are affected every time a car goes past!!! Dust is the main problem for home owners from dirt roads so I still encourage councils to please add bitumen to the area surrounding the dwelling on such roads. Two years is a very long time to wait to find out if it’s a success or not!! What is the “measure” of success anyway??? And if it’s deemed not a success for dust limiting, will bitumen then be used???
    • Admin Commented Communications 6 months ago
      Council manages more than 2,000 km of roads, close to 1,000 km of which are unsealed. Council does not have the resources nor does it intend to seal all unsealed roads. However, the importance of maintaining unsealed roads to the best possible standard is recognised. The trials of different treatments on Tullymorgan Road have been going for close to 12 months and the results of some treatment methods have been encouraging. It was considered a two-year trial was necessary in order to properly test treatment methods over time. The testing aims to match the best material to conditions and will inform unsealed roads maintenance programs. At its May meeting Council will be considering an extension of the trial to include Dinjerra Road, Florda Prince Road, Florda Gold Road and Florda Red Road.
      • Voice 6 months ago
        That all good news that some thought and investigations are being given to these substandard dirt roads but as you say only a few roads are actually involved with the trial and funds are an issue. I would like to see some movement on change re the policy for sealing the DIRECT area (not the entire road) outside peoples homes to be seriously considered now! Before amalgamation, the policy to seal outside homes on dirt roads did exist. It’s going to take many many years until every unsealed road gets done with better materials and let’s face it dust is still going to be generated unless it’s bitumen.