Biodiversity in the Clarence Valley

    The Clarence Valley LGA is home 131 threatened fauna and 113 plants. The LGA also supports 18 threatened ecological communities and three endangered populations (see lists in the document library). Over 450,000 ha (over 40%) of the Clarence Valley is included in the formal reserve system. 

    The Clarence Valley community places a high value on the natural environment and biodiversity. This is not surprising given that the natural environment underpins not only many of the region’s key industries, but also the wellbeing of its residents. The importance and values of biodiversity in supporting life on earth are well documented. 

    Environment awards

    Do you know someone who is a champion for the environment? Are they conserving plants and animals on their property? 

    What kind of biodiversity actions are Council considering?

    Actions such as writing a Koala Plan of Management for the whole LGA, and prioritising areas using vegetation mapping. 

    What are the benefits of biodiversity?