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Do you travel to locations outside the Clarence Valley for cultural or arts activities / events? If yes, please tell us about what you attend outside of the Clarence Valley.

by Ken Crouch, over 7 years ago

  • artist over 7 years ago
    Yes at least four times a year to see state galleries in Brisbane and Sydney - sometimes musuems, go to theatre, movies, festivals and any major cultural event on at the time . Every couple of years get to Canberra to see the national gallery, national musuem, Australian War Memorial and any cultural event or festival , same for Melbourne.Travel to regional areas too eg Tenterfield, Stanthorpe, Tamworth, Armidale, Coffs Harbour, Lismore etc and always go their regional galleries, local art galleries, musuems and any point of interest or event.
  • jamiek006 over 7 years ago
    We have travelled to the Gold Coast on one ocassion to see a high profile musical theatre production. It was fantastic. But because we are a family with special needs, we do not often get the chance to travel outside the valley to attend cultural events and activities. I expect we would not be the only ones. That's why it's so important to encourage local activities wherever possible so that we can level the playing field and provide people with access to these opportunities where they otherwise might not have had them. Not everyone has the option of traveling to larger metropolitan areas for these opportunities.
  • APT over 7 years ago
    Yes - both Sydney & Brisbane - musical theatre, concerts, ballet - we love open air productions where you can take a picnic - providing the cost is not too great
  • Windenya over 7 years ago
    Yes, to Brisbane in particular to see live theatre and classical concerts at QPAC but also to Sydney for the same reasons and even to Tamworth (near where I have family living) to their Capitol Theatre which has live theatre, opera and much more. Looking forward to seeing some of the Metropolitan Opera Movies (which are screened concurrently with the live productions in New York) which will be showing in Brisbane and at the Capitol in Tamworth. from November to May. We also visit other cultural events outside the Clarence Valley from time to time.
  • ImeldaJ over 7 years ago
    Yes every year to the Mullum Music festival - fabulous! Also visit museum,galleries,theatre when in Sydney and Brisbane.
  • Jennyt over 7 years ago
    Yes, I have visited art clubs at Sawtell and Laurie ton to go to art workshops there. I go to Brisbane and Sydney for theatre and classical music events and to visit art galleries and museums. I visited Tweed regional gallery recently and plan to go again soon.