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How important do you believe are culture, arts and the creative industries to the community well-being of the Clarence Valley?

by Ken Crouch, over 7 years ago

  • Robbyn over 7 years ago
    I think it is very important and I would like to see more classical music presentations in the Lower Clarence instead of all the Club cultureRobbyn
  • Bella64 over 7 years ago
    Music, arts and cultural events have been shown to change the brain wavelengths in people who are regularly exposed to them. These sorts of events make people happy and it's hard to put a financial output on that but it has been done. The small country of Bhutan's GDP is all about national happiness. The Gate to Plate event here is a good example of how readily the community will embrace something that is about their own well-being. Sadly in the Clarence Valley these events have often been very small and very limited in their imagination or out of reach of many because of poor promotion or prohibited costs. During one week of the year for example there could be a coordinated event across the Valley of Tai chi along our waterfront parks or nature strips in Evans Head, Grafton, Yamba, Maclean and Wooli. This could be an early morning event and at sunset it could be yoga or something else. Another coordinated event during another week could be music along our waterfront parks at sunset or after work, bring cheese and crackers and byo. One evening it could be a classical music group, another evening a classical guitar, another a small band, a choir or choirs etc. These are our public spaces and could be used more effectively at times. Both of these could be free, utilising the resources of our community to give back to the community. There are talented musicians and practitioners throughout our community and all it may require is coordination and promotion from Council to the community and to businesses and government departments. The wellbeing of the elderly should also be considered and the community bus could be used to transport people receiving services in the Valley to some of these events. These 'Try Out (Tai chi or etc)' events that can significantly add to the community's sense of well-being without a prohibited cost.
  • artist over 7 years ago
    The arts contribute significantly to community well being. They develop a deep sense of identity and place, which includes heritage - makes for happier times. The more arts there are the more attractive the Clarence Valley is to live in so more people will stay and more people will move here. The more arts the more creative industries - more employment and satifaction with life all round!
  • Mona over 7 years ago
    I think the creative industries are undervalued in particular in regards to the health and well being of a community. More Art, more music, where are the Sunday afternoon local muscians playing? More in Yamba than Grafton. More dance and theatre. This is an area that can be developed and would help towards tourism in the clarence valley, especially for Grafton. we certainly need some stimulation to the community with so many businesses struggling.
  • jamiek006 over 7 years ago
    I agree. Cultural events and the Arts are one way to help a community grow and expand. The role they can play in the growth of a community and economic development should not be overlooked or underestimated. People are more likely to move to an area that offers more opportunities in the areas of sports, leisure and culture. Jobs are only one part of what makes an area appealing to prospective residents. People also look at what activities and events are available within the community outside of working hours....
  • Mattfisher over 7 years ago
    We have internationally renound tutors in Music and dance. We have many varied types of creative and performing artists in the valley, from chamber groups to ukelele groups, from Scottish dance troups to contemporary ballet troups, not to mention the sculptors, painters, photographers and theatre groups all itching to promote and share their art with an appreciative community (which we also have). The only thing lacking in the Lower Clarence is an appropriate venue to show all this talent. The Lower Clarence NEEDS a Creative and Performing Arts Centre which can cater for large audiences to attend theatre and dance productions. This may also lure further visiting artists.