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How satisfied are you with the number and quality of cultural and arts activities in the Clarence Valley?

by Ken Crouch, over 7 years ago

  • jamiek006 over 7 years ago
    Fairly dissatisfied. I feel that a lot of local venues are under-utilised and much more could be done to encourage growth in this area.
  • APT over 7 years ago
    Rather disappointed - I feel that there is a great need for more classical entertainment - eg ballet, concerts. We have a magnificient river & backdrop why not utilize it with some outdoor concerts etc
  • Robbyn over 7 years ago
    Fairly dissatisfied. There needs to be more classical music, choirs, orchestras, ballet and opera, especially in the lower Clarence. Everything happens at Grafton. There is a need for another auditorium with perfect accoustics to replace the need to use the Cathedral for everything.
  • artist over 7 years ago
    Need to encourage people to use our gorgeous community halls a lot more, many of them are situated in beautiful settings and are ideal for all sorts of events. Council and the Chambers of Commercer need to be encouraged to provide low rent studio space for artists, musicians and performers to retain our creative young people, attract them back or to the valley. This is a low cost easy way to reinvigorate our community.By a bit of tweaking our parks and public spaces can become temporary arts festival spaces so you can avoid having to sink all the available money into building and maintaining facilities, and also avoid noise and white elephant problems!
  • andrew over 7 years ago
    Dissatisfied on the whole. More good quality visual art. Sculpture. How about some Shakespeare? Poetry reading nights? Too much sport for my liking, i think I have an allergy. By the way I have been trying to get a chess club started at Walkers mariner in South any one interested in coming along?
  • Mattfisher over 7 years ago
    Very dissatisfied. As far as performance venues for Dance, Music and Drama on the Lower Clarence we have no-where except the Civic Hall in Maclean which is well below standard. I have attended many meetings conducted by Council regarding the future of the Civic Hall. At each one it was unanimous to demolish it and start again................nothing happened.
  • Jennyt over 7 years ago
    I would like to see a dedicated art space on the Lower Clarence where the more than sixty local artists and sculptors can meet, workshop, display and share their work, where teaching can happen. The Lcaca does a good job, but Ferry Park simply cannot accommodate the space required. It has a tiny meeting room and very little room for display. There is no space for workshops or visiting experts to teach.
  • Kimm over 7 years ago
    I am very dissatisfied. (This comment is specifically aimed at the Lower Clarence area.) There is so much attention given to venues for sport in the Lower Clarence area with little attention (if any) given to an area for performance, dance, music and theatre. The Civic hall has served its purpose and is now an outdated, hot in summer, freezing in winter, fire hazzard that does not cater for the MANY people who flock to the performances that are held there. It is so frustrating to see two brand new sports centres built recently in towns only 20 km apart (Maclean and Yamba) but not a cent spent on an facility for the performing arts.