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Libraries are no longer just for borrowing a book. What activities would you like to see happening in our libraries?

by Ken Crouch, over 7 years ago

  • ImeldaJ over 7 years ago
    A coffee shop and an out door area for reading.
  • Jab over 7 years ago
    Poetry readings, story telling, writing workshops, a program where children with reading difficulties could be assisted by volunteers, in the library, bring writers and authors to speak in the libraries. Have reading/book days where our libraries are celebrated.
  • fincoder over 7 years ago
    eBook lending, not just for out-of-copyright titles. Other libraries such as the Mid North Coast library offers this service to members in their area.
  • Jackw over 7 years ago
    I would like to see - Internet use for study and university study on line - cafe - special children's activies including reading centre, interactive staff activies, special childrens only play and reading area, author signing, chill out reading area with bean bags etc, open later at night, area for classic music stage and dance area, lifts, disable area.
  • ImeldaJ over 7 years ago
    Check out the library in Concorde [Canada Bay Council] Sydney. It is a good example of what a library can offer.
  • Robbyn over 7 years ago
    I would like to see coffee shops attached to libraries with lots more space for reading at the library tables and would also like to see more free internet classes for seniors. The Clarence Community College's classes are getting too expensive for Seniors now and they need to keep up with the latest social media, especially if they are far from families.Robbyn
  • Bella64 over 7 years ago
    I'm with Jab and Rosiechick on this one. I've been to Concord library many times and it is a fantastic combined space. I also agree with Jab that a library (particularly in rural and regional areas where there are no other options often), needs to cater for a wider range of literary and cultural events and a wider group of potential or current users but it should not become a mishmash of everything. Our new library in Grafton will hopefully have the planned space to allow this but also to be a link between the art works owned by the Grafton Regional Art Gallery and the public. The number of people who will attend the art gallery in Grafton is much smaller than those attending the library. The collection of works owned by the Art Gallery can be displayed in the new library allowing a greater number of viewings by the Valley's residents. The Gallery already have a program with Council whereby they display works from the Collection in Council offices and they change these over on a regular basis but in a new library, it may be a mini exhibition with much more detail on the works by the artist, thereby connecting the artwork with either a historical or contextual framework which is then read by visitors and may form the basis for futher investigation by the reader. The library could also be used to showcase mini or less formal exhibitions and this artwork could be displayed in all areas of the library thereby providing a theme for the viewing. This use of wall space does not take anything away from the fantastic work that the Gallery does but rather provides a medium for local artists only to be the focus of this type of space.
  • artist over 7 years ago
    Open friendly libraries that are there to provide great service to all its community
  • Mona over 7 years ago
    more arts, illustration events/ workshops and story and poetry readings and all the things that Jab mentioned. Yes the library can be a hub.