How does dog management relate to wildlife?

    Pets provide companionship and are a wonderful part of our lives. Awareness of the needs of wildlife and responsible pet management can ensure that the needs of both domestic and native animals are met. Poor management of domestic animals, on the other hand, can impact on the welfare of our wildlife and the environment at large.

    Native animals may be at risk from domestic pets in urban areas. In some cases, dogs can injure or kill native animals as they move about in the landscape searching for food and shelter. For example, in the Clarence Valley, several koala deaths in recent years have been attributed to attack by domestic dogs within the boundary of the property.

    You may be guilty of an offence if your dog harasses or attacks a person or animal in a public place. Within your property, we need your help to ensure that our wildlife remains safe.

    Where can I walk my dog off-leash?

    Council has designated Off-Leash areas throughout the Clarence Valley. You can view the full list of off-leash areas here.

    Do I need to register my dog with Council?

    All pets (cats and dogs), by law, must be microchipped and then registered within 6 months of their birth.