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Do people want to use the shops and businesses only to find them closed?

by Clarence Administrator, over 8 years ago

  • sue over 8 years ago
    yep, I did. But only lived here for 18 months or so and did not realise nearly everything would be closed. Local papers do not deliver to my area, 20 km out of town so I was a bit surprised at trying to cross the bridge in the late morning and finding massive traffic build up; 3 hours later , after unsuccessfully trying to do some of my business and shopping and wanting to go home there was not a bit of traffic, then when the race was over it built up again. Mad.
  • juno over 8 years ago
    Some shops are closed every Saturday - holiday or not, but I got used to that, tho it's still an inconvenience as shopping with the breadwinner in the family is not possible.Business owners should not have to close, nor pay extra wages for a half day holiday for race days (do they?) Yes, there are times when I'd like to shop on half-day holidays - especially as I live out of town & could combine a trip to town with a jaunt to a Show. However, business owners need to be able to make their own choices.
  • griffabear over 8 years ago
    We are a consumerist society, we MUST have access to shops or everything will fail! Alternatives: 1. Attend and enjoy these community events. 2. Stay home and enjoy some family time...
  • aussieo over 8 years ago
    To have the shops closed all day for Jacaranda would allow the retail staff to enjoy the day also. They are locals, and it would be good to celebrate the day.