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Do you think the Clarence Valley needs 4 half-day holidays during the year?

by Clarence Administrator, over 8 years ago

  • Ecohawk over 8 years ago
    Clarence Valley doesn't need 4 half day holidays - of course we all like public holidays and I think the Jacaranda half day holiday is valuable and the CV needs this as a celebration. Personally I believe the half day public holidays for horse races are a joke - 3 1/2 day public holidays a year for horse racing! I would rather have a 1/2 day public holiday to celebrate Naidoc week!I do not attend these horse racing celebrations (I did attend one) as I do not care about horse racing (I care about the horses though) and I will never attend any horse race carnivals even though I get half a public holiday for it!
  • sue over 8 years ago
    Keep the jacaranda one which is for the whole community.Scrap at least two of the race days, if not all of them.Replace with a half day during education week so that parents, grannies, grandpas can go look at what kids and schools are doing; TAFE and college students can have open days and invite the wider community in; the ART and museum, library etc could all hold displays during that week and everyone could participate
  • juno over 8 years ago
    Public holidays for horse racing days are only adding to society's woes in promoting gambling & drinking. Socialising is important, but needs to be for something which contributes to a better & mentally healthier community.Why isn't there a half day holiday for Grafton Show?I like the education week half day holiday suggestion.
  • laundrylady over 8 years ago
    As a local business owner,like so many of us, need every bit of time off we can receive so that we can refresh to give the great service we give here in Grafton.It also shows community spirit in participating in the events surrounding the half days off.If it wasn't for the half days I for one would not be able to attend the racing carnival events
    • laundrylady over 8 years ago
      Why do so many people critisize the horse races when in fact the events bring so much money to the town....why would people deny the town of this is beyond me.....we need these events to sustain tourism in Grafton.The Clarence Valley Jockey Club work so hard & tirelessly ( and successfully might I add ) in bringing great entertainment which in turn brings in visitors to the valley.Just because one doesn't attend,doesn't mean they have to critisize..VENT OVER...........
  • Yvonnelex over 8 years ago
    The Jacaranda Festivals are an important event for Grafton and its community and should be supported as much as possible in all possible ways. Show days have been half days for as long as I can remember, this is so everyone has the opportunity to attend and parents are able to take their chikdren during daylight hours. This is another important event for towns and their communities, the half day should remain in place for as long as people are able to afford to attend (?). Grafton Race Days are however a little different. I believe the actual Grafton Cup Day should be a half holiday for the same reasons as above but only for Grafton. As for the other days, if they are listed as public holidays then it is purely a money spinner for the Grafton Race Event and does absolutely no benefit for the town. Shops should be open and businesses running in order to gain the greatest possible benefit for the local economy. Common sense really.
  • davei over 8 years ago
    grafton race meetings are attended by a very small percentage of the local community so i see little point in a half day holiday especially when statistics show that as a community we have a problem with alcohol and gambling.jackaranda does involve/interest a bigger percentage of the population but its main day is actually a saturday when most people especially the kids are already free.maclean show interests/involves a big percentage of the community and dosent fall on a weekend so i think a half day off especially for kids is justified.grafton show normally is three days and includes a saturday so again why a holiday?
  • aussieo over 8 years ago
    aussieoI would like to see a full day holidy for Jacaranda, after all it's Grafton's own. Yes, I enjoy the races, however they are suported by lots of out of towners, but Jacaranda is special.