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What are the benefits or costs to business?

by Clarence Administrator, over 8 years ago

  • zee zee over 8 years ago
    the benefits to business of the 1/2 day holidays mean that people go out and socialise and this is good for community building. However it is not a half day public holiday for the hospitality business which has to now pay public holiday rates under the new federal award system to staff from 12pm ot 12am. Up until this year these days were not gazetted days and applied to banks, clerical staff etc only.Apparently the race course brings in staff for the big race days from as far away as Ballina because there are not enought locals available to work and they still have to pay public holiday rates event though they don't even live here- crazy. hospitality can only open when people want to eat or go out. Paying over $40 per hour to a junior staff member will result in a loss to a business which isn't able to put it's prices up by around 25-30% to cover the double time an a half rate. I wonder how many are licking their wounds after what seemed like a very successful carnival.