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What are the benefits to the community?

by Clarence Administrator, over 8 years ago

  • Ecohawk over 8 years ago
    Socially the community benefits from the 1/2 day Jacaranda Festival as it is about bringing people together to celebrate the town and all its residents. It is fun and everyone seems to enjoy it. It is a morale booster for the town and has social benefits.The 1/2 day public holidays for horse races are for... I don't know what they are for or why they were set up but the benefits are that the community gets half a day off work. I am unsure of the social benefits of horse racing and spending your afternoon at the races gambling your money away?
  • sue over 8 years ago
    Jacaranda Festival is for all. The others are just for the minority who want to go racing so not inclusive of all. Poses some problems for businesses, drs etc, how ridiculous to have an afternoon off then a morning. Just daft.
  • juno over 8 years ago
    Race Days? No benefit for the community at all for half day holidays for race days, except for pubs, clubs, clothing & shoe stores & accommodation. Boozing & gambling we can do without it's negative impact.Show Day? - It's good to see what others are achieving on the land - they feed & clothe us & it's important we show appreciation for that, apart from buying agricultural products. People on the land are the grass roots of our survival & having their products on exhibition encourages youth participation & excellence.Abandon race holidaysKeep Jacaranda & show days - give us a Grafton Show Day half holiday