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What are the big issues for Clarence Valley Infrastructure in the next 10 years?

almost 6 years ago

What do you believe are the main challenges for the provision of our community’s Infrastructure? What new issues may we face over the next 10 years? Do you have any suggestions about how essential infrastructure could be provided to meet the needs of our community?

This consultation has now concluded. Thank you for your interest and your input.

  • lehmans almost 6 years ago
    * Money! The entire country is struggling to maintain the existing infrastructure we already have. * Prioritising what is important - there are some things we just need to say "we can make do" and really look after the essentials (that goes for our entire living standards in my opinion)* Getting over the stupid upper/lower thing - get over it people!* I would like to see many more cycleways and walkways which addresses health and environmental issues.* Parking is a major issue for workers in Grafton over near the river.
  • Gavinrayward almost 6 years ago
    1) The Nymboida power station needs to get up and running. Besides the green energy the station provides, it also created jobs, and tourists from all around the world to the Canoe Center. It also provides water to the farmers down stream, who rely on the water to make a living. This may not be a Council asset, but it affect the Councils rate payers.2) Roads, especially with the Highway bypass.3) footpaths and walkways to showcase the river and other areas.4) Graffiti5) access ramps for the elderly
  • dobbo1007 almost 6 years ago
    More cycle ways and footpaths. Urgently need path from Grafton footbridge through to Lane Boulevarde
  • cvreview almost 6 years ago
    Environment and money. We should aim to maintain what we have and improve infrastructure such as sewerage, transport etc before taking on any more residential developments. If there are to be developments, they should not be done on the cheap as this would certainly mean that the environment, our wildlife and are way of life will be taken for granted and destroyed.Raising revenue Verses Low unemployment - a problem.Council validating money spent on "not-so-bright ideas" Verses Rates increases. ($8million on a library Verses an up-graded hospital and well-paid nurses)Aged care facilities specialised medical services for cancer, disabilities etc. Another bridge.
  • tim almost 6 years ago
    A new entry road for Yamba, when the Carrs Drive area is finally developed the existing road will be a nightmare. Byron Bay has 2 entry roads and look how congested that is. And hopefully the long awaited new road from Palmers Channel to Oyster Channel
  • dobbo1007 almost 6 years ago
    Need more roundabouts in GRAFTON eg prince/victories and prince/Oliver st
  • aussiebw almost 6 years ago
    Being ever the optimist within the next ten years they highway will bypass Grafton. If in fact the existing highway becomes a local road the maintenence of this road will be handed to council! This will be a huge challenge to council to be able to maintain and a huge drain on our resources. More and more villages are calling for levee walls to escape flooding putting pressure on those who live further downstream as the water has to go somewhere. Maintaining the existing flood mitigation systems seems currently already beyond councils resources as everlasting swamp levee is still awaiting repairs 12 months on. Is this also where I mention how Grafton pool needs steps to enable the not so fit, injured and elderly people access to the main pool?
    • lalaland almost 6 years ago
      take note though that the levee raising will affect everyone, not just down river, but up river systems as well, especially with water backing up where other rivers and streams flow into the Clarence. The sandbagging of the levee in Grafton last year was probably a contribution to up river being so badly affected with houses being inundated that have never been before.
  • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
    Funding the maintenance and renewal of existing infrastructure is the main challenge and deciding what is important for the community to keep and what is not important. Need to focus of maintaining and using what exists rather than building new infrastructure.Current surveys and communications with the community should point to the important services & then Council needs to make the big decisions and implement.