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What are the big issues for the Clarence Valley Economy in the next 10 years?

almost 6 years ago

What do you believe are the main issues for the Clarence Valley Economy? How may they change over the next 10 years? Do you have any suggestions to assist in strengthening our local economy and making it more resilient?

This consultation has now concluded. Thank you for your interest and your input.

  • dobbo1007 almost 6 years ago
    Our Rex flights need help. Update the airport so it is enjoyable experience to fly to and from Grafton. New toilets. Better tourism info so business people waiting at airport may come back for their holidays
  • lehmans almost 6 years ago
    * Employment. Personally (and I have been asked for my opinion!) these are bigger issues than for CVC. I have been bitterly disappointed in our state member. Haven't seen him since the gaol issue. The Clarence falls not quite in Coffs Region and not quite in Northern Rivers region - we really need to blaze our way and market ourselves properly and professionally. How many of us stop when you go on Gumtree or ABC radio site (to name a few) and think "do I press Northern river or Coffs?". * We need to protect and encourage higher education, apprenticeships so that young people have a future here.
  • jase sheaffy almost 6 years ago
    The Clarence valley is an untapped tourism spot with endless potential , there is a complete lack of tourist caravan parks with the only one I can think is on the edge of town on the way to Glen Innes with no signage telling tourists where it is.Very little activities on the river , RV emptying portals , No caravan parking in or near the main street , not much signage for directions to other towns , some solutions may include A riverfront caravan or resort tourist park on the riverfront., paddle boats, catamaran hire , lunchtime and dinnertime river cruises,A walking and cycling track that runs from the crown hotel to the bridge on the north side and another one on the south side with exercise activities every hundred or so metres , Sunday markets , every Sunday, canoe hire, advertise Grafton as a holiday destination.along the highway, on radio , tv internet etc, kiosk local take away van on weekends ice cream etc street performers , buskers., make Grafton a fun town to visit As stated before try to attract a university to town, any form of major industry would be great, try to lobby the government to re open the jail , allow a theme park. Heavily promote the Grafton cup as a tourism event.. build a netted swimming baths on the river . Again improved signage on where things are would be nice, Attract more rodeos, show jumping events etc, if some of these things are built and tourism takes off the local economy will go through the roof.
  • Gavinrayward almost 6 years ago
    Keeping the economy going, and creating the growth required to provide employment opportunities.The timber industry is a major industry in town. When done right, it is sustainable. If we lost it, the valley would suffer.Need to generate tourism. There is so much to see and do in the Valley. It just needs to be promoted
  • cvreview almost 6 years ago
    We need residents supporting business in the CV area. I only go to Coffs if I definitely can't find what I'm looking for in Grafton. I know others who travel to Ballina instead of going to Yamba, Maclean or Grafton just for ordinary shopping. Council should encourage and help businesses appeal to locals and tourists - the outdoor dining is one of those issues.The already mentioned issues such as employment, government decisions, council decisions.
  • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
    GrowthCan't create economic growth out of nothing and no use opening businesses when there is no demand. Over the past year I have seen at least 6 shops or retail businesses open their doors and then close due to lack of business.Should try and keep out the multi national retail companies so small business may grow rather than a franchise in Shoppingworld! There is only one decent privately owned clothes (new) shop in Grafton and that is it, all the rest are rubbish franchise shops (best & less, Sussans, Big W, Target, etc).
  • dobbo1007 almost 6 years ago
    Give land to any university that wants to come to Grafton
  • dobbo1007 almost 6 years ago
    Need to use current plans for Maclean and GRAFTON riverfront and make beautiful to keep tourists in town . Give them something to do not just something to look at
  • aussiebw almost 6 years ago
    Attracting sustainable industry to the area is the only way in which we will improve the Economy in the Valley. If a university wants to build a campus in the Clarence lets embrace it with open arms. If someone wants to reopen the Gaol or build a new one embrace that too! In the meantime lets support all our existing local small and larger businesses alike shop locally, tender locally promote tourism grey nomads included they all eat, need chemists and fuel etc. Embrace businesses like skydiving to bring in even more tourists. Promote our river for recreational use.