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What are the big Social issues facing the Clarence Valley in the next 10 years?

almost 6 years ago

What do you believe are the main Social and Cultural issues for our community? What new issues may we face over the next 10 years? Do you have any ideas to help strengthen the social and cultural fabric of our community?

This consultation has now concluded. Thank you for your interest and your input.

  • lehmans almost 6 years ago
    Social - youth unemployment, lack of higher education opportunities, few recreational opportunities or promotions for young people. Obesity (just saw that on another one and thought I'd add it!). Alcohol and other drugs as well.Cultural - racism, our fantastic Aboriginal community needs respect and targeted support
  • Gavinrayward almost 6 years ago
    From a Grafton point of view, unemployment, obesity, lack of industry are the current issues. Coal seam Gas and gold mining are a real concern. I am pretty happy with the natural environment thanks.Ideas to help strengthen the fabric:Greater Council support for community events and activities. Especially ones that get people active and experiencing the area in which we live.Encourage people (and council) to buy locally.
  • cvreview almost 6 years ago
    Unemployment - lobby governments to decentralise; Council to have a PR consultant for businesses/organisations to discuss issues before the business decides to close down and/or relocate; help small businesses.Vandalism & violence - education campaign to reach adults and children; school programs for children; jobs for self-esteem and respect of others and their property; more police; CT cameras; sentencing for the crime, re-hab facilities/programs.Only one Grafton bridge.Inappropriate developments/expansions of residential areas - that destroys forest/bushland and pristine areas that make CV special and destroys needed habitat for our wildlife.
  • jase sheaffy almost 6 years ago
    unemployment, lack of industry , an aging population, If mining comes to town there are many new social problems that will arise as it has everywhere else that fly in fly out workers. the violent and sex crimes go through the roof , medical resources , extra police, extra security at pubs,more security camera's in the main streets and around venues. increased rents, causing homelessness,.more sex workers, increase in traffic on the roads,.road rage,
  • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
    • christina wales almost 6 years ago
      Poor health due to poor dietary choices and lack of physical activity makes the Clarence Valley highest in the state for diabetes and heart disease. The community needs a free dietitian to inform about healthy food choices and to drive campaigns to raise awareness across all demographics of this great valley. It feels that we are seeing increasing numbers of obese people and especially young women and girls. It is very worrying if this trend continues for the next 10 years. Money spent on prevention is well worth every penny.
  • lalaland almost 6 years ago
  • aussiebw almost 6 years ago
    Unemployment is a big issue for the valley and unfortunately what often follows on closely with this are alcohol and drug problems and mental health issues. The Clarence Valley is sorely lacking in Mental Health Services especially ones designed for our youth. Of course waving a magic wand and bringing new industry to town would be great so anything council can do to entice new businesses and industry to the area is of utmost importance but equally just as important is to support our existing businesses in the Clarence Valley. All council related business that is outsourced should be tendered towards Clarence Valley Businesses as shopping local means the buck stays here!