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What are the worst things about living in the Clarence Valley?

almost 6 years ago

What are your gripes about living in the Clarence Valley? What would you like to see change? We think we understand a lot of concerns….. but have we heard yours? Have we got them right?

This consultation has now concluded. Thank you for your interest and your input.

  • lehmans almost 6 years ago
    * When we arrived in Grafton 20 odd years ago we couldn't work out how to "get to" the river. Taree, Ballina, Yamba (starting) have such nice riverside areas, walking tracks, riverside parks, really lovely park areas along the river. Surely those places deal with flood levels as well? I'm looking forward to seeing riverside promotion in the form of that type.* Roadside litter, dumping* Lack of understanding and respect for what an incredibly biodiverse and beautiful place we live in.
  • Gavinrayward almost 6 years ago
    From a Grafton point of view:1) that the river is not promoted. There should be a walking/running track in Grafton/South Grafton that showcases the fantastic river, with exercise stations along the way.2) the amount of graffiti and broken glass around the bridge and on the paths. Broken glass is no good for the bike tires.3) From what I have heard, Council are still focused on promoting Grafton as a retirement village. Time to get things going and create jobs for people.4) the high level of unemployed, and their seemingly lack of enthusiasm.5) The litter around the place. Bring back work for the dole, and get them to clean up the mess. I took a friend from Newcastle out to McPhersons Crossing the other day, and picked up 4 bags full of rubbish people had dumped there. Come on people what are you thinking. You are obviously there because you like it. Why would you dump your rubbish there.6) that the world renowned Nymboida Canoe Center is struggling due to the (hopefully temporary) closure of the power station. Bring back the water, and the tourist that come with it!! For those who don't know the Nymboida Canoe Center is just out of Grafton on the Armidale Road. When the water comes back, there will be great white water paddling and tire tubing. Camping is available.
  • cvreview almost 6 years ago
    Council - it's apathy. I remember doing a survey last year from the newspaper - what was the result?Vandalism and violence.
  • tim almost 6 years ago
    Lack of shade trees in Yamba. Walking from the Coles Shopping Centre to the beach in the middle of the day is like a trip in the desert. If you walk for exercise you can only do it early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Ford Park (the market area) hasn't got one tree. Bangalow and Bellingen are popular markets because they have shade. Trees will beautify Yamba. My grandmother bemoaned the fact the council of the time when she was young cut down all the shade trees. If consideration is given to this request I would hope it doesn't mean more Norfolk Pines, natives are whats needed.
  • lalaland almost 6 years ago
    The amount of Domestic Violence and Bullying. Domestic Violence is a norm in this society. It shouldn't be! Women and girls are seen as objects and sexualised. Bullying is rampant, not just in schools, but on social media which then is carried on in the shopping centre and streets as well. If Domestic violence is seen as a norm in the home environment, that's how youth are learning to deal with conflict. There are no mental health support services for our youth, (only after intervention by mental health) We need a Headspace.
  • aussiebw almost 6 years ago
    Some sporting venues appear to get more facilities and maintenence than others. Smaller villages are just as important as the larger towns and yet seem to get less and less services each year. Prior to amalgamation more areas were mown than nowadays and there was an official Australia day event held in one of the towns in the Maclean Shire area rotated each year giving the smaller villages a chance to promote themselves to not only locals but tourists too. Travelling for medical appointments especially cancer related ones when we have a perfectly good cancer treatment facility at Grafton Base Hospital not being used. Lack of public transport in some areas again mainly the smaller villages. Lack of Tertiary education meaning our children have to leave home to study at university. Sustainable industry and employment opportunities seem to be lacking :( Sometimes also peoples willingness to adapt to change we need to move forward like we have with the waste services and people need to embrace change and work with it instead of opposing it at every step
  • janh almost 6 years ago
    Restricted Tourism - Non of the Council owned caravan parks are pet friendly. Recently we toured Qld and met a group of caravan group members who had been to a rally at Rockhampton. They told me that their group could not come to Yamba as the parks were not dog friendly and so many of their members are grey nomads who travel with their pets. This not only causes loss of income to the caravan parks as these travellers mainly visit out of holiday season, but it also impacts on the general economy of the town substantially. We also visited Woodgate Beach caravan park near Bundaberg, whose owner recently sold a 48% share of Yamba Waters caravan park. He told me that if his park was not pet friendly he would lose 30% of his business. He also stated that he had no problems with the pets as their owners are responsible and he sets restrictions such as being on a lead, not available in school holidays etc. This initiative would assist to improve the economy of our lovely tourism town, when it is most needed which is out of the holiday period. It is time to move forward and embrace the grey nomad's and enjoy some of the benefits that they bring.
  • lwalker almost 6 years ago
    There are not enough or should i say next to no events in the valley. There is nothing happening to promote the interest of future events. The power boats are no longer on the grafton agenda, new years eve activities are poor. Job prospects are dim and business are closing.
  • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
    Regional adhoc development of the country side, destruction of forests and trees to create urban like living rather than country style (ie, Gulmarrad, South Grafton, Junction Hill).Limited employment opportunities.Racism