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What do you think Clarence Valley Council does well?

almost 6 years ago

All organisations have their strengths and those areas deserve to be recognised and learnt from. In what areas do you think Clarence Valley Council currently does a good job?

This consultation has now concluded. Thank you for your interest and your input.

  • lehmans almost 6 years ago
    * Love the library and Art Gallery (excited about new library opening in Grafton soon). The librarians are fantastic!* Communication on Facebook is good with a certain number of councillors - very approachable and try to help out immediately. You need to look where your demographic is and target there.* Recycling initiatives are good and marketing of that program.
  • Gavinrayward almost 6 years ago
    Great customer service at the Grafton office, and the library staff are awesome. I think that considering the amount of roads that have to be maintained, they are in a good condition. The Grafton tip is great and the recycling service each fortnight is fantastic.The things that we don't notice are the things that Council do well (ie water and sewer, roads, cut grass and clean streets). If they did not do these, then we would notice them.
  • cvreview almost 6 years ago
    Customer Service staff are usually helpful, friendly and approachable. The willingness of some Councillors to respond to your concerns helps break-down that "ivory tower" mentality that comes across when trying to deal with issues directly with Council departments. Main streets in CBD are clean. Parks/gardens in CBD are well maintained. But I'd like to see a Ranger at the skate park to show the "users" what bins are for and give out fines to those still not doing the right thing with their rubbish.I appreciate any effort that Council does to support environment issues and voluntary groups (but unfortunate one good deed is often undone by other not so great actions/decisions).
  • tim almost 6 years ago
    the outdoor staff in Yamba are good workers. In general council is good. More good apples than bad. This forum is great to let council know what needs to be done to fill in the gaps, thanks
  • jase sheaffy almost 6 years ago
    The fact that a couple of councilors are willing to answer questions on the facebook Ratepayers residents and business page. It gives the council a more personal feel and shows that they are not just faceless men and women.and that they do care what the public thinks and needs , A big thumbs up on this one.
  • aussiebw almost 6 years ago
    Waste management. The few times I have had to contact council about potholes on a local road I have had a prompt response. Maintaining some sporting facilities in the larger towns.
  • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
    The Art Gallery is well run and the art exhibitions are fabulous & Councils Floodplain team do great work with environmental projects.Apart from these, I never see any particular examples of what Council does well in the media or elsewhere.
    • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
      Councils customer services is great; Water services are good; waste services are excellent & the initiatives have paid off with green & recycled waste; the animal shelter is good and improving with rehoming and lower kill rates. It's hard to take a view on what they do well when some parts of the community & media do nothing but criticise them.