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What do you think Clarence Valley Council needs to improve on?

almost 6 years ago

We are committed to searching for improvement and like all organisations there are areas in which Clarence Valley Council can do better. Where do you think Council should focus on improving?

This consultation has now concluded. Thank you for your interest and your input.

  • lehmans almost 6 years ago
    Also still have this disjointed "them and us" mentality - so immature and over it. How can we have a councillor that refuses to go to induction training, refuses to participate in certain committees? Surely there is some kind of repercussion for that??
  • lehmans almost 6 years ago
    Marketing!!! Noone knows what the "Clarence coast" is. Just did a big tour around country and there are so many "sapphire coasts" and "gippslands" and "shipwreck coast" - no one actually knows where they are unless you go there. We need to promote our area (ecotourism so underdone here) and softly encourage tourism.Promote the river (access, infrastructure, utilisation softly)Protect and promote the environmentEncouraging higher education bodies
  • Gavinrayward almost 6 years ago
    1) tourism2) employment opportunities3) promote the river and other key areas, by providing access to them (walking and bike paths etc) and things to do on them4) cleaning up the litter and graffiti - work for the dole could help5) could do with some night markets during the year in some key areas such as Memorial park in Grafton. Should include food from around the world, to open peoples eyes and taste buds to what is out there.
  • cvreview almost 6 years ago
    Environment - I'd like Council to have a hard-line on cats and dogs(C&Ds). Rogue C&Ds invading and terrorising/killing pets and wildlife in other people's yards or 'space' should have harsh penalties. Campaign to notify pet owners' responsibilities (mico chipping, de-sexing, straying) and enforcing/fining non-compliance. I'm tired of irresponsible people with rogue children and pets! I realise Council's responsibility is not policing people but an education program and a real promise to fine could help. Need Council to have a feral cat program - trap for minimal hire and more importantly the willingness for Council Pound to take on the responsibility of receiving traps with caught cats. More C&Ds, feral or rogue domestic, the less wildlife, some unique, Clarence Valley will have.
  • cvreview almost 6 years ago
    Communication - Consultation with the community before deciding on issues. Publicising your efforts. Cohesion of departments and working with community/voluntary groups, businesses, government departments. Have work standards/turn-around times improved. Some staff members don't reply to letters ever! Improve the website - difficult to find things. Apathy breeds apathy. Council shows lack of thought and courtesy to listen and reply, then of course residents will find it too hard and stop caring (and not bother to complete surveys).Red tape for volunteers and small businesses. Help volunteers and in turn they can help Clarence Valley. Litter groups or "Tidy Town" doesn't happen - because Council doesn't seem interested to assist in encouraging or advising on paperwork/insurance issues . Council's projects are half-hearted and can waste money eg Improve one tourist thing and close down or discourage many other tourist drawcards. Improve recycling centres but don't advise residents that these centres can recycle florescent tubing and many more articles that still find their way into landfill. Why doesn't Council publicise places where household batteries or ink cartridges can be taken? Regardless if some of these places are a commercial business - they are providing a free service. Remind residents by including these in your newspaper articles and on your Waste calendars. It helps everyone - the environment - CV's landfill.Vandalism and violence - Council seems to like spending money on banners and Grafton tourism signs - maybe it should be signs and banners reminding people to be thoughtful of others and smile, be calm and happy. Need to continue to work on bigger issues such as CT cameras, police man-power, sentencing, etc.
  • tim almost 6 years ago
    more native shade trees in Yamba and the protection of them from people poisoning them ( I know that isn't easy) for their precious views
  • jase sheaffy almost 6 years ago
  • dobbo1007 almost 6 years ago
    More rangers to enforce the laws- for parking in CBD and drinking in parks, sleeping in cars at beaches etc
  • lalaland almost 6 years ago
    Activities for youthNew years, Australia day celebrations etcRoads - make them right the first time will save so much money.Take into account that when we flood, smaller country communities are often affected more than those in Grafton and South Grafton, yet we are not eligible for assistance unless all of the Clarence Valley is.
  • aussiebw almost 6 years ago
    Attracting new business and industry to the area. Remembering that smaller villages exist! Promoting the Clarence Valley before it gets bypassed especially Grafton so that people will want to come and visit off the highway. Put it on the map for something that it provides that no other town can provide so well!
  • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
    Communication and provide only relevant agreed services.More cohesive & efficient procedures and processes may assist service delivery.
    • Ecohawk almost 6 years ago
      I would also like to see Ranger services available on the weekend for stray animals. Even a secure yard whereby you could take a stray dog & drop it off or a telephone number you could ring and an officer or ranger could come & collect the dog. I can't take them home to my place due to my dog and drop them off at the Vets but that is only open Saturday mornings.